Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rocket Boys and Girls (GReads crew and spouses) in July 4th Parade 2009

Thanks to all who came and helped string those little foam beads last week, prior to parade- including Emmy’s husband, Chris! And it was so nice having a look at the rocket and banners that Poster and Lynn made (respectively)!

Thanks again, to Chris, Mike, David, Jim, Mary Case, Karen (Emmy’s friend), and Emmy for participating in the parade. We were right behind Lynn and the Privateers, who were the only marching band! More … Lynn was marching right in front of the float/truck with the Privateers, Glennda was the official photographer and Emmy, Karen(Emmy’s friend) and Galveston Reads crew, ran and tossed goodies.

We handed out bookmarks with beads, red, white and blue bears, and beads, and ran out about half way through. We enjoyed yelling: Read the book, See the movie, and Come to the library! To those who had read the book, perhaps a plot summary? Got some funny looks about plot summaries, as seemed to remind folks of school, during summer!

The silver rocket by Poster was a hit, and good for the Fourth, had a stand and colorful strings to denote fuel/engine blasts? Many in the crowd asked us to launch at them! But, Emmy didn’t think that was a good idea. I wonder why???

A good time was had by all, ended with lunch at the Mosquito and siesta for some of us!