Saturday, November 19, 2011

Group Leader Training Kicks Off Season! Tuesday, Nov 15th

Galveston Reads started training for group leaders with Dr. John Gorman in the newly renovated Fox Room at the Rosenberg Library. Dr. Gorman lead the training with his usual challenge to the readers, please leave your papers face down, as Dr. Gorman is used to talking to a room full of students. He provided great tips and insight to the book, Still Alice with what to look for, such as, "All the books are depressing, why another depressing book?".

Dr. Gorman brought up the butterfly motif and the changes Alice is facing, along with her butterfly folder, in case she has to implement her backup plan, if she can not face being in the Alzheirmer's Special Care Unit. Issues such as Alice's identity, linked to her professional career as a Harvard professor, all seem to fall to the wayside, as her Alzheimer's progresseses. Ultimately, Dr. Gorman asks the question, is the book about the love and family support, as Alice's daughters, Lydia and Anna bend their lives to give Alice safety and familial connection.

Most of us left with the skills and ideas needed to lead book discussions.